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    We’re passionate about creating lasting memories

    Welcome to Venuvine

    Venuvine is an event planning and management marketplace that makes booking easy and transparent by connecting people with seasoned professionals and service providers. We help make your day a success so you can enjoy with family, friends, or coworkers. We take out the tedious work of running from pillar to post.

    Great moments & memories are crafted here.

    Let us inspire you

    Your Experience Starts Here

    Whether you are planning a corporate event, social function, or celebration of any kind, Venuvine helps you piece everything together from finding your ideal venue, locating entertainment that suits your style or simply arranging to have your event catered, all in a few clicks.

    Kick back and get yourself ready for the event, and leave the headaches of planning behind you. Find trusted vendors and professionals, while staying on top of your budget with local service providers.

    You will love the convenience and security that Venuvine brings to the table for your planning needs. We follow the highest ethical practices and expect the same from all vendors that are showcased on this platform.

    Better Experiences, Less Time, Effortless Booking


    Our desire to produce great work runs deep – that drives our pursuit.


    We are constantly focusing on how we help your business reach new heights.


    Let us work together to achieve your goals.


    We love what we do – attitude determines success.

    It all starts with your vision for we offer a wide range of team building activities, celebrations, and unique locations to hold your next event. With Venuvine, we believe anyone should have the opportunity to create their next event seamlessly. We are driven to give you back more free time while feeling excited about your booking.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide you a one-stop platform for all your event planning needs.

    Our services work for you in a number of ways including:

    For Your Event

    • Simplifying your event management process to bring out your vision
    • Help you connect with reputable services and stay on top of your budget
    • Saving you from bogus and sub-standard service providers

    For Vendors

    • Greater visibility in the market by showcasing your unique business
    • Run promotional campaigns to increase sales
    • Feature your business on our community blog
    • Upload photos and videos to showcase your talent, service, or offering

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